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February 7th, 2014

It’s a Dog’s Point of View

Architectural illustrator Barbara Tapp recently sent us this drawing and write up of her technique. “This sketch of Nikki and Max taking a morning walk in Central Park is all about the communication between dog and owner. I knew that this had to be illustrated in color because of the incredible shadows. I had been encouraged to use washes on this Stillman & Birn Delta Series sketchbook, but being mainly a black line sketch artist I was very hesitant. What a rewarding surprise to discover the watercolor flowed easily and is bright and fresh on the paper. It has added new dimension and complexity to the work.

I am an architectural illustrator, currently working as a real estate sketch artist drawing ten houses a week. I only took up art journaling six months ago. I always sketch with a Sharpie fine point pen and do not use pencils or erasers in my sketches, starting at one point then relating all my lines around that point. I call myself a contour or outline artist, using either hatching or color to fill in the details. Here I began with Max’s nose and from there my sketch expands. I focus on negative and positive shapes in all my sketches as this helps with proportioning.

In June, this will be part of a series of journal illustrations I am showing at an exhibition in Berkeley called “It’s a Dog’s Point of View”. Who would have thought six months ago I would be starting a whole new direction of my artwork when I discovered art journaling!”

MEDIA: Ink and watercolor
SURFACE: Delta Series – 180 lb – 270 gsm – Ivory – Cold Press Finish

Nikki and Max


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