Stillman and Birn
February 11th, 2014

Sungei Buloh, Singapore

Vincent Immanuel Pang, who posts under the name “The Citi Sketcha” is an educator and artist living in Singapore. Vincent recently sent us this watercolor drawing along with this write up: “Sungei Buloh is a protected wetland nature reserve on the North-eastern part of the island of Singapore. I sometimes come here for moments of silence and reflection. This nature reserve features an intricate network of boardwalks and shelters to bring visitors into the nature reserve and enjoy the ambience and environment without destroying or disturbing the flora and fauna. Painted during the monsoon period of December, this watercolour is the third in a series captured on a rare day when it was clearly getting sunnier as the morning passed. This third scene was captured while I was on a boardwalk opposite the one depicted in the drawing. By then, the heat from the sun had burnt away the morning mist and the clear blue sky was reflected in the still waters and contrasted against the lush foliage. The boardwalk created a wonderful balance between the bodies of colours and I decided to capture the picture postcard scene on the spot with my watercolours.

Done entirely in watercolour, I started with a wash of clear water on the area above the ‘horizon’ demarcated as the ‘sky’ area. Once the paper was wet, I used a wet-on-wet technique with ultramarine light and Prussian blue to create the cloudy sky. Then with a mixture of various greens and blues, I painted in the ‘foliage’ areas in the background. The body of water in the foreground was the last portion created in this process of demarcating the ‘spaces’. When the paper was suitably dry, which usually isn’t too long when you work in the open air on a warm day, I added details of the trees, branches and leaves in bolder shades and with dryer strokes, creating both details and texture. Finally, the centre focus: the boardwalk and shelter that splits the painting into two horizontal halves using Vandyke brown and ivory black before the reflections on the water were added to lift the whole scene and give a sense of depth.” See more of Vincent’s artwork and writings on his blog “Musings of a Citi Sketcha”

MEDIA: Watercolor
SURFACE: Delta Series – 180 lb – 270 gsm – Ivory – Cold Press Finish

Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve


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