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August 5th, 2014

Thomas the Brave

Mixed Media artist Dion Dior posted this moving tribute to her five year old son Thomas. This is an excerpt: “This is a very special month for me. Five years ago this month, my son Thomas was born 16 weeks premature. He weighed only 1lb 3oz at birth. He was so tiny that his eyes were fused shut and instead of skin, he had a translucent membrane over his body. He could fit head-to-toe in the palm of my hand. During that time I witnessed some remarkable medicine, some incredible neo-natal practitioners, and a whole lot of love.

On Christmas Eve 2009, we took our son home, along with a plethora of wires, tubes, monitors, and tanks. It was a cold snowing Christmas, but beyond joyful for us. We were finally able to be a family. Thomas was back into the PICU 4 times before we celebrated his first birthday, but in August 2010, he reached a milestone that we thought we’d never see: Thomas turned 1 year old. Life has been a series of ups and downs for Thomas, but never a moment passes when we are not profoundly grateful for having him in our lives.

Over the years he has grown into a glorious little boy. Funny, energetic, and perfectly unique. Thomas’ health has been fragile over the years. It took him 2 years to get off oxygen, and he has fought set-back after set-back with incredible courage. He battled hearing loss, vision loss, eating difficulties, kidney problems, and lung issues…to name a few, and in late 2012, he was diagnosed with Autism. But today he is a healthy, happy, beautiful little autistic boy, and on Sunday the 10th, he turns 5 years old.

It’s such a wonderful time for us as he has bought so much happiness into our little family and made us all better people. And that is why he is known as “Thomas The Brave”.”

To see more pictures of brave Thomas and his brave, loving family, see Dion’s blog post here:

Thomas the Brave with candle


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