Stillman and Birn
May 10th, 2017

Praha – Ovocný trh (Prague – Ovocný Square)

Artist: Anna Vecherskaia, Czech Republic
Ovocný Square is a small narrow plaza in central Prague. The square has been a home to a market since the early 13th century and was a center of the fruit and vegetable trade until the early 20th century. Anna’s watercolor depicts the square as the sun is setting and as the walking pedestrians cast long shadows on the cobblestone street.

MEDIA: Watercolor
SURFACE: Beta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Cold Press Finish

Anna Vecherskaia is a watercolor artist, illustrator and web designer based in Prague in the Czech Republic. She is a teacher of painting and collaborates with the British design firm, Oxford Designers and Illustrators Ltd (ODI). Anna’s artwork can be seen at her Behance photostream: and on Instagram: @annavecherskaia


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