Stillman and Birn
October 28th, 2013

Casting a Strong Shadow

Spanish architect Luis Ruiz posted this drawing of a plaza in his native Málaga.  At the left side of the square is a historic church, the Inglesia de Santiago. We asked Luis to write about his technique in the lighting of this drawing and in particular the strong shadow in its center which so anchors the work. Luis writes, “I tried to capture the last sun rays at sunset. Most of the space I could see was already in shadow. So the triangle of light on the facades of the narrow street was a striking contrast to the plaza I wanted to focus on, as well as on the 15th-century tower of the Church of Santiago that arises above the city roofs. The light also offered a nice contrast between the sides of the tower as it played on the brick surface. I added some reddish pencil strokes there to suggest the textures.  Picasso’s birth house is by this square and he was baptized in the church seen on the sketch.”  This is the link to Luis’ Flickr photostream:

MEDIA:  Ink, watercolor, colored pencil
SURFACE:  Gamma Series – 100 Lb. (150 gsm) – Ivory – Vellum Finish

Inglesia de Santiago_Ruiz

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