January 3rd, 2014

A Toyko Commuter

Russell Stutler is the administrator of the renowned online board, “The Sketching Forum” http://www.sketching.cc/ . Russ is an American citizen living in Tokyo since 1987 where he is an illustrator and English teacher. Russ wrote to us about drawing in his Alpha Series sketchbook while he commutes to work: “My sketches are not preliminary work for some more comprehensive project, but are the finished product which I can show to people who are interested. I call them sketches, but they are closer to ink or pencil and watercolor drawings. I usually sketch with either a mechanical pencil or brush pen with ink, and add color from a small set of watercolors.

Practically all my sketching is done on the train during my hour commute to and from work here in Tokyo. My models are unsuspecting fellow commuters including this sketch of a woman covering her face. I usually stand on the train when I sketch so I can have more elbow room and arouse less suspicion. But this day I was sitting between two commuters, and discovered this perfect – though fleeting – pose right in front of me. I guess she had had a hard day. Since I was sitting, the people sitting next to me were watching my every move.”

The link to Russ Stutler’s website is: http://www.stutler.cc/

MEDIA:  Pencil and watercolor
SURFACE:  Alpha Series – 100 Lb. (150 gsm) – Natural White – Vellum Finish

 Stutler sketch

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