March 14th, 2014

Zeta Series Selected by Nature Trails 2014

We are honored that our Zeta Series sketchbook has been selected by Nature Trails 2014, a prominent group of botanical artists, for a unique artwork exchange. Here is an explanation of the program’s concept:

“Nature Trails 2014, a natural sketchbook exchange, is promising to be an exciting collaboration of 15 botanical artists from all over the UK, Ireland, Holland, Italy and the USA. Each artist’s book will have a double page spread completed and then be mailed every month to the next artist. Subjects to sketch and paint will encompass anything to do with the natural world; for example, feathers, shells, berries, habitat landscapes and absolutely anything botanical. Also colour notes, poems, any writing that you would include within normal sketchbooks can go in, in whatever design.

The Zeta Series sketchbooks to be used on the exchange are made by Stillman & Birn with thick, smooth, quality paper perfect for nature studies. The size is a neat and small A5 [5.5” x 8.5”], just right for posting.”

We are grateful for the support of our U.K. partner, Jackson’s Art Supplies, whose team made the timely launch of this project possible.

We will be posting updates periodically from the blog of Nature Trails 2014:

Nature Trail


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