April 14th, 2014

Portrait of Sean Connery

French watercolorist Martine Pittet draws a striking portrait of the legendary Scottish actor, creating the work with ink and a water brush. “As a member of the Facebook group Sketching Workshop, I took part in the Portrait Challenge and drew this sketch of Sir Sean Connery. I loved the black and white photo which was given to us and thought I wanted to explore the various values and strong contrasts.

So I decided to use a tool I am still shy about: the Pentel water brush. I used directly it in very dark areas and Zeta’s bright whiteness immediately brought out the contrasts. In order to play with the different tones, I either put a touch of ink in the reservoir of the brush and then spread the ink with the water brush or put some water directly on the page and dropped some ink in it, letting it flow by itself. I just love the way the Zeta paper accepts so many “ill treatments ” !! “

SURFACE: Zeta Series – 180 lb. – 270 gsm – White – Smooth Finish

Sean Connery


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