May 22nd, 2014

Report from a Giveaway Winner

Francis Theo, an artist and florist living in Singapore, was a winner of this past winter’s Giveaway in which he won a hardbound Beta Series sketchbook. Francis is a member of the Singapore chapter of Urban Sketchers and sketches almost every day. He specializes in ink and ink wash, as well as watercolor. With a wonderful eye for design, his favorite subjects are landscapes, buildings, interiors and commuters.

Francis recently took his sketchbook and these media to Yomenya Goemon, a local Japanese restaurant where he created this drawing. Francis reports, “the Stillman & Birn Beta Series sketchbook is ideal for my outdoor sketching. The hard cover acts as a supporting base and the paper surface works very well with the pen and ink wash which I used for this drawing. I used my Namiki Falcon fountain pens filled with two colors of Pilot Iroshizuku Ink. The colors were Fuyu-gaki (Winter Persimmon – Orange Red) and Murasaki-shikibu (Japanese Beautyberry – Purple). I first sketched the drawing with the inks and then washed them with a waterbrush while the inks were still wet. I then added more line work after the wash dried.”

MEDIA: Ink and ink wash
SURFACE: Beta Series – 180 lb – 270 gsm – White – Cold Press Finish

Francis Theo 05-21-14


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