June 20th, 2014

Old Ford on Main Street

Andy Reddout reports on finding the perfect model in a vintage Ford in upstate New York. “Eight years ago I swapped careers as an art director and dove into teaching art to little munchkins. Since I spent my previous career behind a computer designing just about everything, I decided that for this career I would make everything by hand—posters, signs, lesson plans, handouts and even notes home. In order to keep my skills sharp and to give my inner “art-geek” a chance to shine I started sketching everyday (well, almost every day). Eventually I discovered the Urban Sketchers movement and that got me hooked on watercolors, and all sorts of drawing tools (fountain pens, water-soluble colored pencils, magic pencils, or whatever I read about). At about the same time I found a local group called “Rochester Sketch Group”. That group got me out about three times a month sketching people, landscapes, coffee shops, even botanical gardens. So last week we had a meet up at the Clifton Springs Sulfur Festival in Clifton Springs, NY. The brand new art gallery in town, Main Street Arts, wanted artists to be drawing and painting during the festival so I volunteered our group to participate.

When we arrived there was a classic car show on Main Street Arts with all types of cars on display. I parked myself in front of this awesome 1931 Ford, and got to work. Turns out cars are a great model—they don’t move! I started with some quick pencil lines to establish my width and height and some of the main elements. Then I dove in with the ink trying not to add too much cross-hatching because I wanted to make the watercolors do the shading work for me. It was the first hot, sunny day in Western New York, so adding watercolors was VERY tricky—they seemed to dry in seconds! Even my palette had a hard time keeping up with the heat! In the end I showed the sketch to the owner and he was delighted to see his car in a different light.” You can find more of Andy’s art at:  http://reddoutart.tumblr.com/

MEDIA: Ink and watercolor
SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain Surface

Red car (640x466)


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