August 6th, 2014

Commonwealth Games Sculpture

Wil Freeborn is an artist and Urban Sketchers correspondent living in Scotland. This is a report Wil sent us about an urban art installation celebrating the Commonwealth Games which ended last week in Glasgow: “I studied Environmental Art at Glasgow Art School but later pursued a career in design. I’ve been moving into illustration and art more in recent years from a love of drawing on site around Scotland.

Here in Glasgow we’re currently hosting the Commonwealth Games. I created a drawing of a sculpture of the games’ logo that is currently in George Square in the middle of Glasgow. The weather for the games has been incredible and with all the countries visiting the city there has been an excitement and vibrant atmosphere for the last two weeks.

The drawing of the sculpture has all the primary colours in it so it makes any kind of subtlety very difficult. It’s usually pretty rare having a painting with red, green, blue and yellow equally placed, as it can make it look unnatural. Here I didn’t really have a choice. A few things I did was I started by making the background fairly light to help it recede. There are only a few colours and strokes used just to give a light impression. In contrast the sculpture has been outlined with a heavy Pentel brush pen. I did a few extra washes of bright paint to emphasize the primary colours.”

To see more of Wil Freeborn’s artwork visit his website here:

MEDIA: Ink and watercolour
SURFACE: Gamma Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – Ivory – Medium Grain

Commonwealth Games 3


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