August 18th, 2014

Mum’s Vase

British artist Jean Stevens created this watercolor study of a beautiful china vase that has holds not only flowers, but precious memories. “Here’s a painting of a rather special vase which belonged to my Mum and now has a special place in my studio. It’s a beautiful vase (in fact it has a little handle and a spoon but I left those out of the painting) and the background colour glistens when the light catches it. It’s much more beautiful than I’ve painted it but I think it’s a fair representation.

I’m currently taking part in #DrawingAugust where Tweeters from all around the world are creating a drawing each day and posting this on Twitter throughout the month of August. Last year was the first time for #DrawingAugust and it was such a great success we thought we would repeat it.

My Mum passed away in April and she had a huge love of china. This piece is one of my favourites amongst her large collection and I thought it would be a lovely subject for a watercolour study.

This is a watercolour in the Delta Series sketchbook. I’ve used St Petersburgh Artists Watercolours and painted using both wet on dry and wet on wet techniques. Before painting, I’ve outlined the vase in faint pencil lines and used a Uni-ball pen to outline the leaves, flowers and neck of the vase to create definition.” Jean Stevens’ website is:

MEDIA: Pencil, ink, watercolor
SURFACE: Delta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – Ivory – Cold Press Finish

Jean Stevens Vase


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