August 27th, 2014

A Yorkshire Farmhouse

Judith Alsop Miles posted this rainy day drawing at the beginning of August, soon after her return to the U.K. after living in southern France. It’s interesting to note how the artist captures the cloudy atmosphere of the day with water-soluble colored pencils, left dry. “Today was the first day of #DrawingAugust [tag] on Twitter. Although I’m sketching a couple of times a week at the moment, I was interested to see if this would motivate me to draw every day.

I want to keep all the drawings for this challenge in one place and I chose my S&B Gamma series sketchbook because it’s suitable for a range of techniques and I’m planning to try out some different things this month.

It was raining this morning so I opted to draw the view from the small window next to my desk, which faces up the track towards a typical Yorkshire farmhouse. Having recently moved back here from southern France, I found it quite weird to see smoke curling up from the chimney in August! The roof was shiny with rain and the magenta-coloured rosebay willow herb was standing bright against the stonework.

First I did a rough sketch using a Stabilo OHPen Universal Permanent, which is meant for transparencies but gives a really punchy black line on paper. Then I built up the colour gradually with Derwent watercolour pencils, left dry on this occasion as the soft effect seemed appropriate to the misty conditions.”

MEDIA: Ink and water-soluble pencils (dry)
SURFACE: Gamma Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – Ivory – Medium Grain


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