January 28th, 2015

Portrait of Madame X: John Singer Sargent’s Most Famous and Most Infamous Painting

The BBC’s Jason Farago has written an excellent article about the scandal surrounding the creation and exhibition of Sargent’s painting. From the first paragraph: “Her hair is twisted up, away from her shoulders – which are bare save for two straps, somewhat unconvincingly holding up her cinched, classical black gown. On her head is a little diamond tiara, but other than that and the ring she wears no jewelry. Between her long neck and the plunging, heart-shaped neckline of her dress lie acres of flesh, as cold and pale as ice milk.” Read the entire article here:  http://bbc.in/1EOCMUt

UPDATE:  This BBC Culture article is not accessible in the UK. We therefore created this link for it on Google Drive:  http://bit.ly/1BxBE2J



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