March 26th, 2015

Iced Latte in Bangkok

Artist: Suppachai Vong (lllouis), Thailand
Artist Statement: I am a Thai artist, living in Bangkok. On Sunday afternoon I went to Siam Square, the heart of Bangkok’s shopping and entertainment district. I stopped at Lamune, the upscale stationery store, where I bought a Beta Series sketchbook. Then I went to the nearby Starbucks, got an iced latte and decided to draw the interior of the coffee shop while sipping my drink.

I started off with a loose pencil sketch. After that, I inked the sketch using a graphic liner, after which I added Winsor & Newton watercolors. I used a wash and glaze technique. I established the basic structure of my composition with the first washes and then refined the coloration with light layers of additional pigment. I spent around one hour on this artwork.

MEDIA: Pencil, ink and watercolor
SURFACE: Beta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Cold Press Finish

Starbucks Bangkok


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