April 6th, 2015

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Artist: Patrick Ng, Singapore
Artist Statement: I sketched this drawing on location on the corner of Swanston & Flinders St. in the gorgeous city of Melbourne when we visited in December. I usually sketch direct with my Hero fountain pen (with fude nib), loaded with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink. So I stood there under the sun for an hour doing just the line work and details.

I usually tackle the skies first, before adding color to the main subject (the station) and the surroundings (like the trees and wires).I didn’t have time to finish adding colors on location; it was done a couple days later from memory (mostly of the lighting), although I did take a photo of the location for reference. I used Daniel Smith watercolors. I had wanted to do a drawing of this Australian landmark for a long time and I was glad that I finally got the chance. The next time I visit I’d love to do a full size painting of the station.

MEDIA: Ink and watercolor
SURFACE: Gamma Series – Heavyweight –150 gsm – Ivory – Medium Grain Finish

Flinder St Station


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