April 25th, 2015

Foggy Morning

Artist: Suzie Mattos Irby, United States
Artist Statement: The first thing I drew in life was a little bouquet of flowers when I was about 3 years old for my grandmother to take to my grandfather in the hospital. She saved that for many years. The latest painting was from a photo taken by Irini Adler (with permission), which is featured here.

I penned this in my Stillman & Birn, Alpha journal, which took the light wash fabulously. In between 3 years old and presently, I drew pictures off and on over the years, going by illustrations I liked in various art instruction books, but then I would stop and not pick up a pencil for years. Each time I went back to drawing, there seemed to be a magical improvement. When I retired from work in September, 2013, I decided to get serious about it and I’ve jumped in with both feet and have drawn or painted something everyday! I’m even trying Zentangle now…just whatever I can do to keep pen-to-paper. I might add, I haven’t had any formal art education, but I have learned so much from YouTube videos…I consider myself a YouTube alumni :).

MEDIA: Ink and ink wash
SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain Finish

Foggy Morning


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