August 29th, 2015

The Mad Hatter

Artist: Molly Dixon, United States
Artist Statement: I love drawing and have been drawing since I can remember. Growing up, I adored Disney and drew Disney characters all of the time. In fact, most of my sketchbooks from when I was a kid consist of Disney drawings. But when I went off to college and studied illustration, Disney characters seemed to fall to the wayside. However, now being a mom, Disney is back in full swing in my house and really something that will always hold a special place in my heart. When I draw something from Disney it takes me back to being a kid.

When I was drawing this particular Mad Hatter I was sitting in my local Barnes & Noble, drinking a coffee for some alone time. My kids and I love Alice in Wonderland. It just popped into my head to draw the Mad Hatter. I actually watched a snippet of the movie on YouTube and lightly drew him in pencil right there from memory. Afterwards I added watercolors, starting with his hat and then moving onto all of the other various greens. After I was finished with my watercolors I added my detail with my Micron pen. I love the 005 tip because of its fine point. You can add the best detail with a fine tip.

MEDIA: Pencil, watercolor, ink
SURFACE: Beta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Cold Press Finish

Mad Hatter


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