January 5th, 2016

Organic Shapes and Tangled Lines

Artist: Jessica Seacrest, United States
Artist Statement: I love ink, watercolor, or any water soluble medium. Sometimes it’s like getting a surprise on the page- I love that. Most of my ideas slip in when I’m quiet, sometimes I’ll do a rough sketch for later. I’ve created a lot of mandalas, and I like round shapes. With this piece I used a few different fountain pen inks, dip pen, brushes, a Zig brush pen and a small amount of silver gouache, in what has become my favorite- the Alpha series. I picked a pallet of a few colors, started with a few shapes, and built up from those. This piece was inspired by an artist named Yellena James, who uses a lot of organic shapes in her pieces.

MEDIA: Ink and gouache
SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain Finish

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jessica Seacrest lives in Tucson, Arizona. In April of 2015, she started making art- creativity knocked, and she opened the door. Since then, she has allowed herself to explore any medium that caught her interest. Her favorite mediums have become watercolor, ink, and brush pen. Most of her art has had a focus on round shapes, and mandalas, with something a little quirky thrown in here and there. Besides this creative adventure, she continually explores herself through meditation and Qigong. Jessica considers herself to be an enthusiast of creative acts, and hopes that her story and expression will help to encourage others to explore their creativity. When not doing the things above, she can be found at her day job- an accounting manager for a civil engineering firm where she’s been working for almost 20 years. She went to school for accounting and also holds an MBA. More of her work can be found on Instagram, under account name @ItchyJello – https://www.instagram.com/itchyjello



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