February 27th, 2016

A Fanciful Bookplate

Artist: Jody Marx, United States
Artist Statement: I started keeping a small-format sketchbook in 2013. I always put my name and phone number in the front since I lost a sketchbook at a superstore a few years ago. (Luckily I got it back.) My contact pages have become increasingly fanciful over the years. This illustration is from my new sketchbook. It’s based on a Victorian bookplate design.

My daily sketchbook/journal is the 4”x6” Stillman & Birn Alpha Series. I usually start with a pencil sketch, then trace it over using a Micron pen. After erasing the pencil lines (or not), I layer multiple watercolor washes using water brushes. I usually finish up by adding more Micron pen lines.

MEDIA: Pencil, Ink and Watercolor
SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain Finish

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I have a BFA from University of Michigan where I started out as a painter (acrylic on canvas) and also studied design and advertising. I have worked as a graphic designer since graduating 35 years ago. I began to become bored with graphic design and wished to get back into Art. Three years ago I earned a certificate in the University of Washington’s Program in Natural Science Illustration in hope to use it as a catalyst to jump-start a more satisfying creative phase of life.

Although I still earn a living as a graphic designer, I also take commissions in Natural Science Illustration. In addition, I am developing an additional style based on Victorian etchings artists such as Grandville and Beatrix Potter. I am interested in the concept of anthropomorphism and the artist Walton Ford’s visual story-telling.

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Jody Marx


1 comment to A Fanciful Bookplate

  • K Mitchell

    This is adorable. Love it. I am just getting started in watercolor. Actually I’m just getting started in drawing too. But I like to do what you do…pencil, micron, watercolor, maybe some more micron. I want to get a Stillman and Birn soft cover journal and was considering the Beta. Is there a reason in particular you went with the Alpha given you also use watercolor?


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