April 11th, 2016

Sketchbook of the Teenage Egon Schiele

Research presented in the 2013 book titled “Egon Schiele: The Beginning” includes previously unpublished images from Schiele’s early sketchbook.

Among the sketches found in the journal is a portrait of Margarete Partonek (below), a girl who caught the artist’s attention when he was 15 years old. “The young Schiele quickly became obsessed with Margarete, drawing images of her and writing her poetry with a persistance only teenagers can muster.” See this link to see more entries from Schiele’s sketchbook: http://huff.to/159lAHs

Art historians have written that Schiele has come to be recognized for his exceptional draftsmanship. This can be difficult to appreciate in Schiele’s highly expressionistic works, which intentionally distort human shapes. But check out Plate 8 of 15 in this sketchbook to see what a skilled draftsman Schiele was even at fifteen.



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