June 9th, 2016

Chiesa di San Zaccaria, Venice

ARTIST: Jorge Moscoso Pantoja, Bolivia
ARTIST STATEMENT: For me, drawing is the way to most effective way to achieve a deep state of contemplation. A time in which external things disappear and one is immersed in a relaxing activity. With my drawings, I have the opportunity to analyze the proportions, forms, lights and shadows of buildings that I love, especially of classical architecture. This sketch is a free and spontaneous drawing and not necessarily very accurate, but that [approach] can communicate a visual or mental experience of a picture on paper.

This sketch is of the beautiful Church of San Zaccaria in Venice. It is an ancient church and monastery of the 15th century, a masterpiece of Gothic/Renaissance styles. The drawing technique that I use to make my sketches, is usually “A ink” (pen & Ink) with felt tip pens, markers, fountain pens or technical pens (Rapidographs). I think that this is a fascinating, simple and direct drawing technique and that by its own limitations, it forces the artist to eliminate the redundancies of the subject and go straight to the most important details.

MEDIA: Pen & Ink and Markers
SURFACE: Zeta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Smooth Finish

Jorge Moscoso Pantoja is a Bolivian full-time architect, who spends much of his free time drawing classical architecture. He feels fortunate to be able to combine his passion for the history of architecture and travel with drawings of the structures he visits.
email: jmoscosopantoja@gmail.com
Instagram: @jotaemepe

Artist’s Original Spanish text:
Para mi, Dibujar, es la forma mas efectiva para lograr un estado de contemplación profundo. Un tiempo en el que las cosas externas desaparecen y uno se sumerje en una actividad relajante.
Con mis dibujos, tengo la oportunidad de analizar las proporciones, las formas, las luces y las sombras, de edificios que me apasionan,especialmente de Arquitectura Clásica. Los Bocetos (sketch) son dibujos libres y espontáneos y no necesariamente muy precisos, pero que permiten comunicar una experiencia visual o mental de una imagen en el papel.

El boceto presentado, corresponde a la hermosa Iglesia de San Zacarias, en Venecia, Italia. Una antigua Iglesia y Monasterio del Siglo 15, obra maestra de los estilos Gótico/Renacentista. Usualmente la Técnica de Dibujo que empleo para realizar mis bocetos, es “A Tinta” (pen & Ink) con plumines (felt tip pen), marcadores (markers), Pluma Fuentes (Fountain Pen) o Rapidografos (Technical pens). Creo que esta es una Técnica de dibujo fascinante, simple y directa y que por sus limitaciones propias, obliga a eliminar lo redundante del sujeto e ir directo a lo mas importante del tema.

Chiesa di San Zaccaria



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