August 12th, 2016

Where is Home?

Hamid Montalbee reports on a meeting with a blind homeless man on the streets of San Francisco. The man asks the artist many questions, but ends with the one that seems loaded with ambiguity: “where is home?” It is a poignant conclusion to this narrative about a sponanteous meeting between strangers, the type of unplanned interaction that allows us to excercise our humanity and to be enriched by doing so.

I met this blind homeless man in Metreon San Francisco. Offering him the only $5 bill I had in my pocket, he thanked me with a whimpering and much starved voice. I ran to the Super Duper Burger Metreon next-door and brought him something warm to eat. We had a long heart-to-heart conversation, on how this material world lays its hardest to lure us astray, through casting lights, and shadows, to elude our sight off our fading path back to our homes. For him he said there was no breaking away till blindness set in! He offered me many invaluable questions, to which I was sure he had the answers. But above all his deep remarks, his final question stood out… “Where is home?”

MEDIA: Watercolor and ink
SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain Finish


Where is Home


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