August 24th, 2016

Lifting Pigment on Zeta Series

Artist: Reham Moniem, Egypt
Artist Statement: In this drawing I used a big mop brush to create large washes the lifted them with tissue (tissue blotting) using firm pressure when the wash was still wet. Later in the process, I wanted to lighten the value of colors in certain areas in my drawing, especially in the light spots of the flower petals. So I lifted some of the pigment with a clean brush, alternating a brush that was little bit moist and other times a totally dry “thirsty brush”. Usually I love to add ink outlines at the end of my painting but here I just used a gel pen (white) for final touches because I wanted to create an exaggerated effect with extra white lines for the background. At the end I used I used a toothbrush to do some splashes in ultramarine to add a cool color effect (as you can see the reds are eye-catching in this painting, so adding a contrasting cool color was a must in my opinion).

The paper I used in this sketch is Stillman & Birn’s Zeta sketchbook. It’s smooth and extra white paper which I prefer. The whiteness of the paper helps to show the contrast of shades when you are lifting color, even with the light tones, as you can see in the light green leaves. Even though the paper is smooth, it withstood my techniques and did not get damaged even though I did so much lifting. The paper was very forgiving.

MEDIA: Watercolor and ink
SURFACE: Zeta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Smooth Finish

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Reham Moniem is an Egyptian artist /interior architect who is an assistant professor of architecture. She lives between Egypt and Saudi Arabia and is interested in drawing and painting. She works in a variety of media including acrylic, gouache, oil, pastel, charcoal but mostly watercolor and ink.

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