August 28th, 2016

Rain Tunnel, Viterbo

Artist: Fred Lynch, United States
Artist Statement: Every July, I travel to the small medieval city of Viterbo, sixty miles north of Rome to teach Journalistic Drawing to college students studying abroad. However, when not teaching, I practice what I preach. That is, I undertake a long-term investigation and documentation of this overlooked yet historic place; home to Popes, Roman bathes, murder-scene churches and countless other curiosities from history and human nature.

Following in the footsteps of the great Grand Tour artists, such as Edward Lear, William Turner, Corot and Claude Lorraine, I aim to explore, bear witness and to share this particular place through my on-site drawings of correspondence. Most often, I find myself drawing for long hours in the shade of a hot mid-afternoon, during Italy’s time of siesta. The result is a portrait of silence as well as of travel, discovery and history.

The works created with pencil, and then brown ink, on heavy paper. Following a couple of hours on-site, the drawings are darkened with more washes back in my studio.

MEDIA: Pencil, ink and ink wash
SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain Finish

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Fred Lynch is an artist and illustrator who lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He’s a well-known correspondent for Urban Sketches and his work has been won recognition in many books, magazines and exhibitions. When Fred’s not drawing, he’s drawing conclusions, as a professor at Rhode Island School of Design and with the Summer Study in Italy Program of Montserrat College of Art.

Fred Lynch


1 comment to Rain Tunnel, Viterbo

  • Peter Lennig

    I found your drawing from the afternoon stillness in viterbo to be particularly captivating. It gives me a sense of timelessness.
    I’m getting into drawing through daily practices . It’s a long lost passion for me and I have to accept being where I am concerning technical skills.
    I wonder if you do any teaching through the internet or if you have a suggestion where to learn the way of journalistic sketching or in general a good site for learning the art of “classical” realistic drawing …
    I have subscribed for a while to the Watts atelier and found that helpful a bit expensive and not as responsive in terms of critic as I expected.
    I’m presently living in Italy and I am considering joining the Florence academy of painting ( if they will accept) Otherwise I will continue on my own on the way to learning the language of drawing and eventually painting.
    All the best
    Peter lennig

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