October 19th, 2016

Larry Marshall Reviews “5-Minute Sketching: Architecture” by Liz Steel

The following are excerpts from Larry Marshall’s review of a new book about sketching by Liz Steel, the Australian Urban Sketcher luminary.

“I have followed Liz Steel’s blog and Facebook posts for several years. She’s been one of the most giving artists within our sketching world. She’s also one of the best. I’ve taken all three of Liz’s online classes and have found them truly amazing because Liz “gets it” when it comes to teaching art. She’s one of my sketching heroes.

Firefly Books has just launched this new “5-Minute Sketching” series of books including this one by Liz Steel. The content of these books is tightly structured by the publisher. Each has four chapters with identical titles, and many of the sub-section titles are identical as well, particularly in chapters three and four. It’s interesting to see how Liz has packed a wealth of knowledge into this somewhat restrictive construct, adjusting it to fit each particularly topic. These kinds of books are starting to fill the needs of people who have moved beyond basic drawing skills and who want books about how to approach subjects, how to use basic skills to solve problems, etc.

Liz’ book does exactly that. She is not teaching you how to draw buildings. She’s teaching how to sketch buildings quickly and well. She has managed to pack very much information into this book so this is a book you’ll want to read more than once. It’s a book you’ll want to study and apply to your art. In conclusion, if you’re interested in drawing buildings on location, or just want to improve your location sketching in general, this is a book worthy of your time.”

This is the link to Larry Marshall’s complete review: http://www.larrydmarshall.com/book-review-5-minute-sketchi…/



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