November 2nd, 2016

Rorschach Inkblots and Portraiture

Artist: Alicia Harvey, United States
Artist Statement: The process used in this piece was developed in August, 2016 as a 30-day art challenge on Instagram. For this art challenge, I wanted to loosen up my portrait work, to develop more imaginary and abstract pieces. One of the techniques developed during this challenge was what I call “drippy Rorschachs”.

I began by applying random acrylic ink and/or watercolor crystals onto the page, which is then spritzed with a water mister to allow the colors to drip and mix. After the initial colors dry, I turn the page in different directions to discover the face within this Rorschach. When I see the face, I add watercolor pencils and Gelato crayons to tease out the abstract portrait. This technique is loose and totally unpredictable.

MEDIA: Water-soluble pencils, water-soluble pigment sticks (Faber-Castell Gelato crayons), acrylic ink, watercolor crystals (Brusho)
SURFACE: Delta series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – Ivory – Cold Press Finish

Alicia Harvey is a portrait and figurative acrylic artist (although she loves stretching her artistic muscles with anything that gives the luscious color that she craves). Born and raised near Pittsburgh, PA, she moved to the Seattle, WA area in the mid-1990s. She considers herself “a teaching artist” and loves seeing how art opens and brings joy to others. Alicia has participated in group exhibitions in and around Seattle and primarily teaches demos and workshops at Daniel Smith Artist Materials stores. Although she received an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from The Pennsylvania State University, everything she knows about her visual art is self-taught.

Instagram and Twitter: aliciaharveyart



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