January 7th, 2017


Artist: Mark Fraley, United States
Artist Statement: I had a series of recent sketchbook entries that I was not a big fan of. They were overworked, unfocused, not in line with what I set out to do. I decided to make a Hokusai-inspired wave to create a two page spread that would essentially “reverse the tide” of less inspired entries. I used the wave as a metaphor of sorts. I wanted to keep it simple and have a direct visual impact. In order to do so, I first used a dip pen in blue ink to outline the wave. I then proceeded to create depths by using a brush and varied levels of ink to saturate the paper. I also sprinkled salt over wet areas to give texture.
To finish this entry, I applied a layer of acrylic wash to color the sky. I decided to omit the reference to Mount Fuji and make this wave not bound by geographical location.

My Stillman & Birn softcover Gamma Series handles ink and wash so well that I have devoted almost every page of this sketchbook to this medium, which I had started for Inktober 2016. I have a level of confidence with how I know the paper will respond that it helps me envision the drawing or sketch even before I begin.

MEDIA: Ink, wash, and acrylic
SURFACE: Gamma Series – Heavyweight – 150gsm – Ivory – Medium Grain Finish

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Mark Fraley is a special education teacher and visual artist, who focuses on portraits and large scale collages. He has authored and illustrated his personal story of cancer survival in the book titled “Creation of Calm: A Cancer Survivor’s Sketchbook Story”, through Cladach Publishing. Sketchbooks are his launching point, and his projects all find root within their pages.



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