February 8th, 2017

Lapis Necklace

Artist: Jody Marx, United States
Artist Statement: On this day, my two co-workers and I went to my favourite vintage store. All three of us spent quite a bit of money. The owner surprised me by gifting me an Afghani necklace and thanking me for introducing her store to so many of my family and friends over the years.

Technique: I start my page with a pencil sketch and trace over it with a black Micron pen. I may or may not erase the pencil lines, depending on the look that I want. I did erase them here. Then I start layering my watercolor paint.

The watercolor technique that I use in my journal is “dry brush using a water brush.” I build up lighter layers of mostly transparent paint to create darker masses. Keeping my light source in mind is very important to create a 3D effect. When the paint is dry, I go back over my illustration with the Micron pen and Staedtler fine line paint markers to crosshatch in more mid-tones and shadows where needed. In this instance, I use an opaque bronze (created with a base of Daniel Smith Buff Titanium with touches of Burnt Sienna) at the end to give it the bronzy color to portray the pyrite flecks in the Lapis lazuli.

MEDIA: Pencil, ink, watercolors, paint markers
SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jody Marx is a graphic designer for the School of Education at University of Washington. She also has a certificate in Natural Science Illustration from UW. Jody needs to multi-task as much as possible (Life is short!), so works on her sketchbook while watching TV series with her husband. She is looking forward to her art show featuring her sketchbooks at Elizabeth C. Miller Library at University of Washington Botanic Gardens in August, 2017.
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MarxNaturalScienceIllustration/


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