September 14th, 2017

Det Stride Band (see editor’s note for translation)

Artist: Tomas Björnsson, Denmark
Artist Statement: I was asked to do a poster illustration of a band playing crazy lyric folk style music for kids. I thought that an ink and watercolour drawing would fit the three guys and their sound. Traditional media for a traditional sounding band. I chose to do caricatures of the band members and to enhance the whimsy of their personalities.

Every drawing starts in a sketchbook, this one too. The finished drawing was done on a single sheet of drawing paper, which was then transferred to a sheet of Alpha Series paper, because this paper is smooth enough for pen drawings and still accepts watercolours. The lines are drawn with a fine point fountain pen loaded with waterproof ink and watercolours were added. I used coloured pencils to enhance a few of the highlights. The finished drawing was scanned and digitally hand drawn type was added.

MEDIA: Ink, watercolours, coloured pencil
SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain Finish

Tomas Björnsson is a Danish illustrator living in Copenhagen. He works with a broad range of clients, from international publishing houses to local youth clubs, with jobs ranging from book covers and editorials to posters and graphic recordings. He works with pixels or pigments depending on the job.
Blog: “Inking Copenhagen “

The title “Det Stride Band” (literally The Strid Band) refers to Jakob Martin Strid, a Danish satirist, cartoonist and children’s book writer.


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