December 6th, 2017

Prickles and Petals

Artist: Laura Capuano, Italy
Artist Statement: For this piece I wanted something fresh. I was so used to tulips and peonies, so I needed something different. I loved the idea of succulents: they look “friendly”, in a way, even with all these prickles. So what better than flowers?

The contrast between the petals and the prickles goes along with the contrast between colours: bold, complementary, contrasting, yet so harmonious green and red shades. I started with a very rough idea of what I wanted, lightly sketched it with a watercolour pencil, then built it up layer by layer. I loved that I could get really interesting granulating effects even on this smooth, hot pressed paper, that allows me to achieve very fine details as well.

MEDIA: Watercolor and watercolor pencils
SURFACE: Zeta Series – Extra Heavy Weight – 270 gsm – White – Smooth Finish

Laura Capuano is a 24 years old, self-taught watercolorist who lives in Naples, Italy. She often describes herself as living a double life: she graduated from Uni in 2016, and currently works as a pharmacist.

In the meantime, she has recently re-discovered her passion for arts, spending her free time on drawing, painting and illustrating, mainly focusing on watercolor and gouache techniques, but also experimenting with digital and acrylics. Laura absolutely loves her brights and full-on contrasts, but frequently combines them with pastel colors for more subtle, delicate and fairy-tale atmospheres.
You can follow her on:
Instagram: at @alioth_93


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