April 29th, 2018

Living Room Sketch

Artist: Paul Heaston, United States
Artist Statement: I have sketched my wife Linda knitting or crocheting in the living room so many times I’ve lost count. Knitters make great models because they’re usually pretty still and relatively oblivious to someone sketching them, especially if it’s their husband. We’re expecting a new baby at the beginning of May so she was busy knitting matching dresses for our two-year-old daughter Juni and her new baby sister. I love documenting these little moments with a sketch. As a way to record a particular time in our lives it’s even better than a photo, and it’s something I look forward to sharing with our girls as they grow up.

MEDIA: Pen & ink (technical pen and gel pen)
SURFACE: Nova Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – Beige – Medium Grain Finish

Paul Heaston was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, now living in Denver. He received his BFA in painting from the University of Texas, San Antonio and his MFA from Montana State University, where he continued on as a faculty member. He is an obsessive sketchbook-keeper. Heaston is a correspondent for Urbansketchers.org, an internationally known website showcasing visual journalism all over the world, and in addition maintains his own sketch blog, Three Letter Word for Art 

Heaston is world-renowned for his virtuosity in draftsmanship. His work has advanced the theory and practice of curvilinear perspective (fisheye perspective) in which he works with as many as five vanishing points. Likewise, he is also an influencer in the integration of complex perspective theory with digital rendering techniques.



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