August 31st, 2018

Melbourne Architecture Puzzler

Artist: Mark Poulier, Australia
Artist Statement: On Instagram, I like to challenge followers with quizzes and teasers. I often draw a detail, a grouping of odd couples, leave bits out or draw unidentified buildings in a post and ask followers to solve the riddle I propose.

This sketch of a window detail of a prominent building in Melbourne is just one of these puzzles. To this minute, I don’t think anyone has identified it. I drew from a photograph I’d taken as it was a very cold and wet wintery day here. It took a few hours and I used one pen, the finest nib I have. I like to use one pen only, it gives a drawing a consistent texture with the effect of all strokes belonging together. The paper stiffness of 270 gsm and the delicate fine nib made drawing it feel good to exploit this contrast.

MEDIA: Micron ink pen, 003 fine nib
SURFACE: Zeta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Smooth Finish

Mark Poulier is an Art Director who has always sketched architecture throughout his life. He has sketched his way around the world, filling A5 sketchbooks and sharing them on Instagram since 2015. His subjects range from baroque Rome to modern graphic skyscrapers of Chicago, but always in pen and delicately detailed. Exhibited in small shows, Mark’s work is gaining a following and commissions are regularly sought. He is driven to sharing his passion for drawing and offers masterclasses in Melbourne and international destinations in the future.

Contact through the website:
Instagram: @markpoulierart


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