December 1st, 2018

Snow in February: Through the Front Window at Home

Artist: Pat Southern-Pearce, United Kingdom
Artist Statement: This was my first ever sketch in a grey Stillman & Birn Nova Series sketchbook: a sample (as they were not yet in the stores), a gift at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago in 2017, and very special. It led to so much.

I’d been in Germany for three weeks for Christmas and New Year and returned to yet more cold and rain. By February, the snow was thick and this was our front garden, our mini-orchard of 8 raised beds, apple trees and white picket fencing, with the sun trying, valiantly, to break through. I love shapes against the sky, intense darks, pattern and spots and stripes, and bare winter trees and this had them all. It was warm and cozy inside, drawing through the window: a treasured memory and the grey paper was perfect!

MEDIA: Ink and watercolor crayon
SURFACE: Nova Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – Grey – Medium Grain Finish

Pat Southern-Pearce, British artist and urban sketcher, travels the world teaching workshops and teaches young children too. Trained as a painter, line and colour happen together as she draws and she loves “catching the moment” in skies. Instagram: @patsourthernpearce

Pat is running a series of seven Urban Sketching Workshops in Australia in January & February, 2019. Most are full but there are still a number of places remaining on the two noted dates below. Everyone signed up is to have the fun of one of Stillman & Birn’s hot-off –the-press Nova Trio sketchbooks.

Tasmania: 12th & 13th January – Weekend

Sydney: 19th January – Single day

Sydney: 20th January – Single day

Sydney: 26th & 27th January – Weekend
A few places available – Contact Email:

Sydney: 3rd February – Single Day

Sydney: 16th & 17th February Weekend

Sydney: 23rd & 24th February Weekend
A few places available – Contact Email:


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