January 15th, 2019

In-Flight Feeding

Artist: Craig Houghton, United States
Artist statement: As with most pieces, whether a charcoal gesture or a complex oil painting, I really created this to have fun. Daily sketching does help me to better understand the world, strengthen my self-confidence, and connect with my emotions, but I find it best just to focus instead on how much I enjoy the activity, especially when it involves subjects that never fail to move me—I absolutely love birds. With this drawing, I began with a rough pencil sketch and a more detailed ballpoint pen drawing right over the pencil. I then used alcohol markers over the ballpoint pen, actively encouraging some pen blending and relying on the quality of the Nova Trio paper. Afterwards, I added some ballpoint back details in and brushed on some white.

MEDIA: Pencil, ballpoint pen, alcohol-based marker, and opaque white ink (Ph. Martin Pen White)
SURFACE: Nova Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – Beige – Medium Grain Finish

Craig Houghton is an artist and illustrator living in Connecticut with his wife, also an artist. His technical proficiency across a number of mediums and styles allows uncommon freedom in selecting the best way to any subject or project. Craig’s work may be found on nationally distributed product packaging, in print, and across social media as @leversandpulleys (TikTok, Instagram).



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