May 27th, 2019

Color Playground

ARTIST: Stefanie Hornik, Germany
ARTIST STATEMENT: This sketch is all about trying out, playing with colours and materials. I more or less randomly picked different tools to test the effect and the handling on the paper. (For example, I used watercolors, acrylic markers and colored pencils.) I mostly use these materials for my artworks. This approach is always a good way for me to overcome the fear of the white sheet at the beginning of a new sketchbook. In this case it was a Stillman & Birn Beta Series softcover.

MEDIA: Watercolor, colored pencil, ink, water soluble oil pastels, acrylic markers
SURFACE: Beta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Cold Press Finish

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Stefanie Hornik lives and works in Dresden, Germany. She is a passionate Urban Sketcher and tries out different media in her drawings, but mostly comes back to ink and watercolor. She is less concerned with the detailed representation of a situation than with the expression of a special feeling in a setting. It’s always exciting to get into conversation with other people through art in various places. You can follow Stefanie’s work on Instagram at


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