June 8th, 2019

Hot Sauce

ARTIST: Shari Blaukopf, Canada
ARTIST STATEMENT: Every once in a while, I love to take my tubes of gouache out to play. I find that the process of applying opaque pigments onto toned paper is a great exercise in thinking about colour mixing.

The real challenge in this one was figuring out what to do with the transparent bottles against the dark background. In reality, when I looked at them, the only thing I could really see was the highlights on the glass and the little bits of dried hot sauce on the inside of the bottles. The bottles themselves sort of dissolved in to the background. I tried to solve the problem by painting the transparent part of each bottle slightly lighter than the background grey, and then adding a few darks and lights to each one. The most fun part was painting the brightly-coloured labels on these.
I work very much the same way for this that I do with watercolour, except for the highlights (which in watercolour are the white of the paper): big shapes and mid-tone values first, followed by colour accents, then darks and finally the highlights.

MEDIA: Gouache
SURFACE: Nova Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – Beige – Medium Grain

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Shari Blaukopf is a Montreal-based painter, teacher, illustrator and sketch blogger. She is the author of The Urban Sketching Handbook: Working with Color, and you can find her online courses Sketching Landscapes in Pen, Ink and Watercolor and Sketching the City in Pen, Ink and Watercolor on Bluprint.com.
She spends her winters painting snow scenes and her summers outdoors, giving workshops and sharing her love of urban sketching in watercolour.

Blog: www.shariblaukopf.com
Website: www.blaukopfwatercolours.com
Instagram @sharisketcher
Facebook: www.facebook.com/blaukopfwatercolours/


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