June 29th, 2019

The Cactus

ARTIST: Jessica Seacrest, United States
ARTIST STATEMENT: I live in Southern Arizona. Lots of amazing cacti. This sketch is of a Beavertail Prickly Pear. Occasionally I’ll snap pics when I’m out walking. I like painting from photos because I don’t feel rushed, plus the temps here get high. What appealed to me the most about this image were the shapes, and the contrast between the green and the pale yellow glochids on the newly forming pads. The glochids almost seemed to glow. They look fuzzy and cute but will getcha! I love how the Nova Series beige paper lent a moody quality and made the M. Graham Bismuth Yellow pop. Other favorite pigments used were Cascade Green, Undersea Green and Moonglow by Daniel Smith. My process is more of an intuitive one where I let the image and colors happen, rather than get it exact. I like to let the colors speak. This weight of paper, also used in the Alpha and Gamma Series, is my favorite.

MEDIA: Watercolor and pencil
SURFACE: Nova Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm — Beige — Medium Grain

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jessica uses art and creativity to explore life, intuition and spirituality. She is an enthusiast of creative process in all its expressions, loves making things with her hands, and currently in a love affair with the magical medium of watercolor. She believes in the transformative power of a good old-fashioned hobby and has worked with found art sculpture, metal, clay, fiber and beads. You can find her on Instagram @jessicaseacrest


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