August 31st, 2019

Stillman & Birn Hardcover Sketchbooks

Stillman & Birn Hardcover sketchbooks are classic in design and extraordinarily robust in their construction. They have tough, extra heavyweight covers on the outside and our renowned mixed media art papers on the inside. Choose from any of our original six paper series (Alpha through Zeta) with for a sketchbook that will not only last through your next plein air outing, but will last a lifetime as an art piece in your studio! With a flexible spine that lays down flat when open, you can maximize your canvas by creating across the pages or treating the pages as separate windows for your artwork. Available in a variety of sizes, Stillman & Birn hardbound sketchbooks are made to make every art adventure memorable, in a package that will last a lifetime.


5 comments to Stillman & Birn Hardcover Sketchbooks

  • Love your sketchbooks and am hoping to use one of your heavier weight paper ones for acrylic testing and playing. I think it may be the only sketchbook option that would hold up to heavy paint laid down without absolutely requiring gesso first.

  • Love your sketchbooks. My dream sketchbook would be a Stillman & Birn Alpha Sketchbook, but made like the Moleskine Japanese Album, with the same amount of pages, in 3.5×5 and 5.5×8 inch sizes.. This doesn’t exist currently, but I would hoard these if they did. I love that your sketchbooks are archival, since I do most of my work in book format. I have been imaging an archival accordion sketchbook for years that has a large page count.

  • I’m overwhelmed with the different choices. Which one should I buy? I want a hardbound A4 size 270gsm journal but there are 3 choices, Beta, Delta and Zeta. I do mostly layers of acrylic paint, with some collage and stenciling. I usually gesso my page first. Which journal should I buy??

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