September 7th, 2019

Das Klinger-Haus

ARTIST: Max Richter @sketchermax, Germany

ARTIST STATEMENT:The Klinger House in Leipzig, Germany, belonged to the family of the Artist Max Klinger (1857-1920), and was built where his birth home used to stand. The man with walking stick and top hat and his wife where probably the last guests of a big festival in Leipzig, strolling through the city’s centre but they reminded me how people would have looked like back in the time when Max Klinger was born here, so I included them.

MEDIA: Watercolor, Fountain Pen
SURFACE: Alpha Series — Heavyweight — 150 gsm — White — Medium Grain Surface

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Max Richter is an artist living in Leipzig, Germany. He loves to draw on location from observation mainly in pen, ink and watercolour. Max says, “Drawing on location is my way of exploring places, stories and people!“ He also explores printmaking and other media while also works as an artist’s counselor, believing “What fills the heart, creates the hand.“


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