March 12th, 2013

A is For Anna Who Walked Through The Wood

Inspired by the drawing style and macabre humor of Edward Gorey’s alphabet book, Pira Urosevic creates fable-like drawings of mice and other animals in pen and ink. Pira writes, “Late in 2012 I set myself a goal of completing an ink drawing on a daily basis for an entire year, as motivation to jump start my long dormant creativity. My medium of choice is very fine nibs with black ink, but I was continually frustrated with the quality of paper available until I got my hands on the Epsilon series and discovered sketchbook Nirvana. The pigment based ink does not feather, bleed through, nor does it sit atop the surface. My nibs do not become clogged with fiber while the paper stands up very well to erasing pencil lines.

Living in Waterloo, Canada, I am not schooled in any medium, don’t draw landscapes, still life or portraits. The elaborate doodles that end up in my sketchbooks are the result of casual, real life observations filtered through my imagination. Many are anthropomorphic in nature, possibly absurd and most likely both. I work out a composition with pencil directly into the sketchbook then fill in the details with my fountain pen. This recent piece is #167 of 365 and is a bit of whimsy I am collecting into a series I call: 26 Demice (that is not a spelling mistake). It is titled: “A is for Anna who walked through the wood.” You can see more of Pira’s intricate pen and ink drawings on her blog here:

MEDIA: Pencil and ink
SURFACE: Epsilon Series – 100 Lb. (150 GSM) – Natural White – Smooth Finish


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