January 21st, 2020

The HiLo Diner

ARTIST: Bobbi Stegora Bina, United States

ARTIST STATEMENT: The HiLo Diner is an original 50’s diner that had caught my eye several times on drive-by’s. When a friend suggested we meet there for lunch, I jumped at the chance to see if the inside was as fun as the exterior. I arrived early for the possibility of a quick sketch before meeting my friend. Before I knew it, I was totally immersed in my sketch of the objects on the lunch counter right in front of me (at the expense of missing the arrival of my friend)! The chatter of voices and the abundance of reflective surfaces of the diner created an all consuming feeling of “Back to the Future”. I’ve named this piece “Reflections at the HiLo” because that’s exactly what happened here.

Watercolor and fountain pen were my tools, with sketching block in and the inking done at the lunch counter but the color added later at home. Light touches of gouache were added last for accents.
My latest favorite Stillman & Birn is the Beta in the square format 7.5 x 7.5.

SURFACE: Beta Series — Extra Heavyweight — 270 gsm — White — Cold Press Finish
MEDIA: Watercolor, Fountain Pen, Gouache

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Bobbi Stegora Bina is a visual artist residing in Minnesota. Following an education and career in graphic arts, she is now an avid sketcher of everyday things experienced. Color and light are her muse and the visual stimulus in both familiar environments and distant travels. Her goal is to convey these subjects of interest with a personal spark of emotion.

Instagram: @bobbisbina


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