February 8th, 2020

First Congregational Church

ARTIST: Jorge Santiago Jr., United States

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: My urban sketches and comic work have always used black ink by default, but I started to question why I was using it at all. As fun as black ink is, it’s a neutral tone that doesn’t really add anything to the scene I’m depicting, so this piece was my first test of using colored inks instead of black for my urban sketching. The top of this church was bathed in the warm California sun, leaving the rest of the building resting in a cold shadow, so I used a blue acrylic ink for the line art in shadow and a warmer (but still cool) viridian green ink for the line art of the area in the light. When I started painting, I ended up covering up most of the green ink, but I left a lot of the blue ink visible in the shadows of the building because, unlike black ink, you get a sense of the temperature of the scene where you can see the blue lines peeking through. I drew and painted this on my Nova Series gray sketchbook, which perfectly accepted these two different materials and allowed me to start testing a fun technique that I can’t wait to explore in the future!

MEDIA: Gouache, watercolor, acrylic ink, and paint marker
SURFACE: Nova Series – Heavyweight – 150 gsm – Gray – Medium Grain Finish

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jorge Santiago Jr. is a comic artist and illustrator born and raised El Paso, Texas. His love of story and art led him away to Atlanta, Georgia where he earned his Master’s Degree in Sequential art from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Since graduating, he has published several graphic novels, including co-creating the Ringo Award Nominated hit “Spencer & Locke” as well as his thesis comic “The Curse of the Eel” which he writes and draws himself. Jorge lives in the Atlanta area and can be found usually at cafes or at home, drawing and trying to find new and more interesting ways to tell a story!

INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @jorgesantiagojr
WEBSITE: https://www.jorgesantiagojr.com


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