June 20th, 2020

A Study of Two Pomegrantes

ARTIST: Agathe Molvik, Norway

ARTIST STATEMENT: I live in a remote part of Northern Norway, and we don’t have access to a lot of exotic goods. We have lots of sketching opportunities out in nature, when weather permits, but we have very few shops and cafes. It’s all really a rather quiet life and I spend a lot of time on my bike, looking for new scenes to sketch. Once in a while my mother, who lives in a more populated part of Norway, sends me a care package. This time it contained pomegranates. We don’t get them here, so I decided to sketch them. I wanted to do it in a rather loose manner, and so I used a 3B pencil to roughly sketch out the shape and the background. I left most of this sketch without colour, but for the pomegranate itself, I used watercolor. I let the colors flow into each other, worrying little about the mess it created. I am first and foremost a sketchbook artist. I use my sketchbooks to record my life, to learn new techniques and to explore my materials and surroundings. I very rarely consider making a finished piece that is made for hanging on a wall. It might change in the future, but for now, I am very happy to roam around with a backpack with my sketchbook and a few selected tools.

MEDIA: Watercolor, Graphite
SURFACE: Gamma Series – Heavyweight paper – 150 gsm – Ivory – Medium Grain Surface

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Agathe Molvik is a single mom living in Northern Norway, who spent two decades running away from her own artistic self. Too scared to fail the promise she had shown in her teens, she decided it was easier not to create any sort of art. But one day her old self caught up to her, and she ventured back into watercolours. Now she feels it is very important to let other aspiring artists know that age or skill level doesn’t matter, creating art can be rewarding in itself. And this is why sketchbooks are her chosen surface, because there is no pressure of getting it right, it doesn’t need to be perfect and no one has to ever see it – but it’s still an opportunity to create something, anything!

Instagram: @agathesketching


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