July 4th, 2020

Cacti Study

ARTIST: Isabel Manibardo, Spain

ARTIST STATEMENT: The reason for this study is that watercolor and nature are two of my passions, so I really enjoy painting plants, flowers, animals…
Usually I do a very light drawing with an erasable pencil and apply only a few watercolor washes in order to preserve the light of the paper. I use colored pencils to add little details.

MEDIA: Pencil, watercolor, colored pencil
SURFACE: Beta Series- Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Cold Press Surface

ABOUT THE ARTIST: I am an artist and illustrator from Madrid, Spain. When I finished my degree in biology, I started going to watercolor classes for fun, and found my true passion. For the last fifteen years I have been painting, doing workshops and selling my art.

Most of the time I have been painting landscapes but last year I began doing illustrations and I am really enjoying painting from my imagination. Now I have a project to illustrate a children’s book for the first time!

Instagram: @isabel_manibardo
Facebook: @isabelmanibardo


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