July 11th, 2020

Self-Portrait in Quarantine

ARTIST: Jimena Lagunilla, Spain

ARTIST STATEMENT: I work with many students and colleagues and my subject of study is the human body. When the COVID-19 quarantine suddenly interrupted our everyday life, it had and still has to this day, a very big impact on my routine. I found myself in this surreal situation of not being allowed to leave the apartment, adapting in the best way possible to isolation and forceful self-reflection. The portrait is not intentionally expressing any emotions. But it is what it is: a face after spending too many hours behind the screen and after a very long quarantine day.

MEDIA: Colour pencils
SURFACE: Zeta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – White – Smooth Surface

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Jimena Lagunilla has been working for the last years as anatomy teacher at the School of Art ESDIP in Madrid, Spain. She studies life drawing techniques and teaches the anatomical structure of the human body.

She has studied Fine Arts in Madrid and got her MA in Illustration at the University of the Art of London.
Instagram: @la_lagunilla
Web: www.jimenalagunilla.com


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