July 18th, 2020

Green Sea Turtle

ARTIST: Katy O’Neal Killingsworth, United States

ARTIST STATEMENT: I have been working primarily in transparent watercolor over the last few years, but have ventured into gouache lately. The black paper has been a fun background for the opaque layers of gouache. I try to keep up with a monthly painting challenge by Denise Soden of the YouTube channel “In Liquid Color” and the month I painted this turtle the challenge was sea life. Challenges are a good way for me to get out of my normal subject of florals and landscapes.

MEDIA: Gouache
SURFACE: Nova Series – Black

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Katy O’Neal Killingsworth, an artist and art educator, lives in Arkansas with her husband, kids, dogs, and pet chickens. She likes to paint things from her backyard, such as flowers, leaves, and toads.

Instagram: @therustenhenstudio
Website: therustedhen.com


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