August 2nd, 2020

Left Overgrown

ARTIST: Katrina Pomerance, Netherlands

ARTIST STATEMENT: After living my whole life outside the city, where just a step away there’s nothing but fields and forests, then finding myself moving to the Netherlands, to live in the city centre, I’ve craved the healing power of nature more than ever.

Sketchbooks are places where I can visit forests, fields, mountains at any time, to find peace and to quiet my mind. This gouache painting captured a moment when I revisited my home country.

Two years had passed since the last time I was there, when flower beds were just freshly planted. At first, I was overwhelmed, how much they have grown, how full of Midsummer green and blooms. It was almost impossible to recognize the original flower bed layout.

Plants had made their way, without me being there. I wanted to keep this moment, the lushness and the peak of the growing season, as well as the freewill of nature. So even when I’m not there physically, I can still feel the momentum, when you can almost see the power of nature bursting out of every leaf and stem.

MEDIA: Gouache
SURFACE: Delta Series – Extra Heavyweight – 270 gsm – Ivory – Cold Press Surface

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Katrina Pomerance is an independent Latvian artist currently based in the Netherlands, Eindhoven. After studying in the Fine Arts program, she has achieved Illustrator diploma and primary works with traditional mediums, such as gouache, oil paints and acrylics. Being raised in a rural area, the love and appreciation for nature, weaves throughout all of her artworks. Katrina’s work encourages its viewers to seek out nature’s pillow and rest our puzzled minds. Her work is currently visible on Instagram – @studiokathi or Facebook –


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