December 27th, 2020

An Orchestra of Peacock Feathers

ARTIST: Monali Haldipur, India

ARTIST STATEMENT: I enjoy depicting and visually presenting the scene and objects, the way I interpret it, the way I feel about it. That’s my goal, going the realistic way isn’t. However I do feel that realistic studies are very important to begin with in order to build a strong foundation. Stylization then comes as a building block in the visual journey. I was so captured by the variety of the feathers (being of the same species of bird) and yet the harmony that sung through them, I didn’t dare disturb it. I painted them realistically in the flow. I hope to have achieved the delicateness and lightness in the process. It’s meditative. I enjoy watercolours immensely. Their inherent transparency and fluidity meant that I could work in minimum layers to keep the feathers afloat. I drew out the feathers very lightly with a 2B graphite pencil first, and then used a heavily water loaded brush to keep the edges as soft as possible.It’s been a long, long time since I began using the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks for all kinds of sketching. The Alpha and Beta series are my ‘go to’ books whenever inspiration strikes me!

MEDIA: Watercolor, graphite

SURFACE: Alpha Series – Heavyweight paper – 150 gsm – White – Medium Grain Surface

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Rooted in the visual form, Monali’s work involves exploration of both her personal and urban environment, and capturing moods, cultural identities and stories with her brush. Her colourful sketches pay tribute to the places she has traveled to. Monali sells her original artworks and also offers commissioned work.

Instagram: @monali.haldipur


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