May 6th, 2013

“Still Evening: Moonrise”

English multi-media artist Vivien Blackburn sent us this atmospheric drawing from her new Zeta Series sketchbook. Vivien writes, “this image of the moon rising in late dusk, was done from memories of journeys spent watching the light on the landscape. The tracery of trees and undergrowth against the snow, and the dark rolling in, had a special quality of stillness that I wanted to capture. Colours are muted and subtle. It was done in the new Zeta sketchbook so that I could get the feel of the paper. I had used the Epsilon and loved it – but this heavier version of the paper is a delight!

This was done in grey ink with a bamboo pen and washes of diluted ink, with chunky tinted XL charcoal blocks in lovely muted colours and Conté pencil. The moon was lifted out to get that ring around it and ensure it didn’t look like a cutout. The sizing that S&B use means that it’s easy to lift out colour – wet or dry. That is important to me as I tend to use mixed media most of the time and like to work backwards and forwards, adding and subtracting pigment as I need to add texture or regain lights.

The paper in the Zeta has behaved beautifully with charcoal, pen, pencil, Conté pencil, ink washes, watercolour, acrylic, ballpoint pen, bamboo pen and pigment and oil pastel – and mixes of all of them. There is absolutely no bleed through of colour and the pages lie flat for working across a double page spread like this.” See further work in a variety of media in this sketchbook and other S&B sketchbooks in Vivien’s blog:

MEDIA:  Ink, colored pencil, charcoal
SURFACE:  Zeta Series – 180 Lb. (270 GSM) – Natural White – Smooth Finish

Blackburn Moonrise


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